The Issue

Being a founder can be lonely and overwhelming.....but it doesn't have to be.

Building Sustainability & Resilience

A unique 6 week fully funded program designed to help founders of small social organisations, who have been impacted by Covid-19.

Be Inspired Today has secured funding to run a development program for Founders of small social organisations.

Why This program?

Our work with social leaders over the last 18 months has highlighted the impacts of COVID-19 on small social organisations.

We’ve seen this fall into two areas.

Firstly, those that have suddenly needed to adapt andrise to the challenge in their communities creating foodbanks, volunteer outreach projects, befriending schemes for the vulnerable and shielding and those living with mental wellbeing challenges.

The second group has been severely impacted by lockdowns, with operations, premises and delivery being temporarily closed, staff furloughed, reduced income,and a real uncertainty for the future.We are now seeing social leaders struggling after this period of sustained challenge.

who is it for?

This program is specifically aimed at Founders of small social organisations.

These are likely to be individuals working on their own in their operation, or have a very small team.

They are likely to be operating in a local area where support and advice is limited.

They may also be a lived experience leader, with a disability or mental health condition that the last 12 months has made running their social organisation even harder.

They may be on low income and the impact of the pandemic is now causing anxiety around financial sustainability.

They may have caring responsibilities which means support is difficult to access around caring for others.

They may also not have English as a first language so seeking help maybe a challenge for them.

What Support is available?

The BIT Resilience and Sustainability program is a 6-weekfully funded intensive program of support with small cohorts of just 4 individuals, and includes:

·      6 workshops last about 1.5 hours covering topics to build knowledge and explore alternative options.

·      6 hours of 121 support to help build a roadmap through the months ahead.

·      1 hour peer to peer support from one of our Founders from the SE Folk community, to share insight and experience about overcoming challenges.

·      6 months FREE access to the SE Folk membership covering 50+ events, access to the knowledge hub and our UK-wide community of social leaders.

How much does it cost?

The program is fully funded by the National Lottery.

The cost to you is your time invested in the sessions and the work ahead.

When Does it start?

The first program is due to start early September 2021.

Further groups will start early October 2021.

how do i apply?

We need responses to the following questions;

1. Please tell us about your organisation and what it does

2. Please tell us how the pandemic has affected your community and your organisation

3. Please tell us why you think you will benefit from this program

4.What does the future look like to you?

Then simply send your answers to me at in one of two ways:

Option 1 – Written Letter

No more than 150 words per question. Should be no more than 1.5 pages.


Option 2* – Short video

Same questions, simple recording, no need fo hollywood editing.