The Issue

A social organisation’s aim is to support others and it needs money to achieve that.  

Stage 2- Start making a difference

A bespoke package of direct support and advice on your journey to make a social impact in your community.

Stage 2 of our support covers a range of services that can be gathered together as a bespoke package of direct support and advice on your journey to make a social impact in your community.

Building on the ‘Foundation Stage’ documents, these services are there to support you to establish an income stream, and organise resources to give you the greatest chance to start working and building some momentum.

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Grant and funding applications

Full support to find grants and complete your application, including research on the  background to justify your application, professionally copy-written text sections for maximum  impact, financial modelling to support funding requirements, and all completed ahead of  deadlines giving you time to make the submission. 

This is done on a 5% WIN ONLY FEE, so there is no cost to you if the application isn’t  successful.

(NB Initial charge of £100 for the first application if we have not supported at  stage-1) 

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Sponsorship campaign and pitch decks

Achieving a balanced income strategy is one way to grow a sustainable social organisation, and  alongside Grant Income and Fundraising, Sponsorship is another huge potential for any  organisation.

We offer a design service to help you target potential sponsors of your project. These could  be local employers with a personal connection to your work, or national organisations where  their CSR strategy fits with the impact you are making. 

We can produce highly visual pitch decks, professionally graphic designed, capturing your  mission and purpose, including KPIs and fully tailored to your organisation’s branding and  image to help attract sponsorship and funding. 

These packs are available for £150, and come with a brief strategy on how best to approach  your potential supporters.

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Developing your Volunteer Strategy

Volunteers are often the life blood of any non-profit organisation, providing value support, and meaning that your limited cash resources can be used in the most cost-effective way.

You can have many categories of volunteers, and understanding where someone fits into these categories is really important because it determines how you recruit, retain and motivate them to continue to support your cause.

The important thing to remember is understanding their motivation for giving, and therefore this is key in helping you get the most from their generosity.

The types of volunteers you could attract to your organisation include the following:

  • Board Members
  • Ambassadors
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Front Line Operations
  • Administrators
  • Fundraising and Events Team
  • Trade and Professional Experts

Board of Trustees

Board Members play a critical role, providing Governance and oversight of the organisation. They can also positively contribute to the development of the strategy, and provide support to the organisation’s leadership team.


Ambassadors act as your advocates in the community or online, sharing your message and raising brand awareness for your organisation.

They may go to events, attend functions, give talks or meet up with supporters when time isn’t available for others key staff or volunteers. They may also do video or social media content on behalf of your organisation, and can be well positioned to promote the recruitment of other volunteers  to your cause and/or attract supporters and funders.

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer coordination is an absolutely critical role within any non-profit organisation, and the role itself can be voluntary.

The sole purpose of this role is to recruit and coordinate volunteer help, or to provide vital communication between volunteers and the organisation which can be key for retaining volunteers.

Front Line Operations

Many non-profit organisations recruit and train volunteers to deliver their front line services to end users.

There could be several roles for this type of volunteer depending on what services your organisation offers, and these are often key volunteers who need properly training and managing, and may stay with you for many years.


You may recruit volunteers to carry out basic admin across your organisation, which can save paid staff a huge amount of time, freeing them up to concentrate on the more skilled activities.

Admin roles offer great opportunities for people looking to get back into work or gain work experience, or potentially for people that are retired or disabled and are looking for something constructive to do with their time.

Fundraisers and Events Team

Some non-profits rely on staff, Board Members, or admin volunteers to find extra time to raise funds and organise events. However, with their time being stretched, having specific roles for this can be much more effective.

Some volunteers don’t want the responsibility of Governance, or the regular commitment of admin, but are happy to plan, organise, get donations/prizes, and host activities for the benefit of your organisation.

Trades and Professional Experts

Trades and professional experts tend to be skilled individuals that are either self-employed, retired or work for a company who allow them to volunteer as part of their employment or offer their services to build the company’s reputation.

These donations of time and expertise can be hugely valuable because more often than not their services would have come at a significant cost to the organisation. These individuals play a part in keeping costs down for the organisation which means unrestricted funds can be used elsewhere.

Simple, affordable pricing…

Expanding on the business plan, we help develop your volunteer strategy bespoke to
your organisation’s needs, and provide advice on how to promote volunteer opportunities, and how best to utilise their time and skills.

We charge just £150 for volunteer strategy.

How We work

We’re in a great position to offer a unique service.With a background in accountancy and financial management, coupled with running a non-profit for 9 years, we understand the challenges non-profits face, and the opportunities that businesses have to grow.

Supportive approach

We work in a supportive style and tailor everything to purpose and vision of your organisation, then at end of the process you come away with a plan that meets your needs.We work on this with you, so you gain skills that you can use to develop your plans in the future. Plus all files come in an editable format, which you can adapt for future use.

Simple, affordable pricing

Expanding on the Business Plan, we can help develop your Volunteer Strategy bespoke to  your organisation, and provide advice on how to market your Volunteer opportunities, and  how best to utilise their kind donations. 

We charge just £150 for this.