The Issue

A social organisation’s aim is to support others and it needs money to achieve that.  

Stage 1 - establish a foundation

One of the biggest challenges facing any non-profit organisation is funding.

As an organisation with a social cause, your aim is to support others, and you need money to achieve that. If the money is not there, the support stops and unfortunately many dedicated, hardworking, community champions experience this fate.

Don’t let this be you.

Our approach is to work with our clients to establish a foundation for their organisation and a pack of documents that clearly outline a sustainable plan for the future, and one that does its best to ensure that the social impact continues, and hopefully grows.

Our work with Stage 1 is around developing the following strategic documents;

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Business planning

We develop Bespoke plans with integrated metrics and financials, built around your vision,to help you raise funds. Our work is delivered in editable Word documents for future adjustments so it can grow with your organisation.

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Financial models

Our Financial forecasts are Bespoke to your needs. 3-year future forecasts, profit and loss,balance sheet and cash-flow, key metrics, monthly and annual models available, delivered in editable Excel documents for future adjustments.

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Grant funding calendar

Our final document is a Grant Calendar based on initial research across the funding market. The calendar highlights the funding opportunities that potentially match your project or organisation’s aim, and details on funding values. It also includes a calendar of closing dates so that up-and-coming opportunities can be prioritised, and future ones developed.

How we work

We’re in a great position to offer a unique service.With a background in accountancy and financial management, coupled with running a non-profit for 9 years, we understand the challenges non-profits face, and the opportunities that businesses have to grow.

Supportive approach

We work in a supportive style and tailor everything to purpose and vision of your organisation, then at end of the process you come away with a plan that meets your needs.We work on this with you, so you gain skills that you can use to develop your plans in the future. Plus all files come in an editable format, which you can adapt for future use.

Simple, affordable pricing

Stage one of our work is about the planning and creating of funding strategies.It’s essential that we do this before assisting with applications for funding so you have the best chance of being successful.

We charge just £150 for this.